MISSION: To Transform, Rebuild, Guide and Save (TRGS) Lives.We will provide direct services, practical guidance and financial support to families that have lost a loved one due to the recklessness of a drunk driver.We will also provide education and awareness to our local communities and schools about the dangerous affects of drinking and driving.

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What we do.


 Inspire families to begin a fresh start. One of the limitations that can arise in the midst of grieving is the inability to take care of physical health needs. We recognize the importance of respecting the body and mind as a key component to a new beginning.                  

  •  Nutritional education
  •  Exposure to wellness products
  •  Sponsorship for youth in local team sports


Lay the foundation to begin the delicate process of getting back to a sense of normalcy.By evaluating each family’s unique situation, the TRGS Foundation will provide various in-house resources as well as connections to community resources through our unique partnerships. 

  • Provide emergency assistance with household expenses (to those who qualify)
  • Celebrate special occasions 
  • Opportunities to tell their stories
  • Mentorship for children
  • Service Projects 


 Provide practical steps to aid families in feeling confident about their future. The TRGS Foundation will work with families on their specific goals and needs for a secure future; hope for a better tomorrow. We understand the overwhelming emotions that can impair decision making during the grieving process and offer much needed support.              

  • Financial planning services
  • Educational scholarships


             DUI checkpoints